Sierra Vista Farmers Market Vendor Update for 2/2/2023 - - It's Groundhog Day! – Farmers markets in Sierra Vista (2023)

Welcome to the February 2nd, 2023 Sierra Vista Farmers Market Update
Craft Thursday this week.

Vendor Updatees

See the vendor listings below for up-to-date information on vendors and the products they will be bringing with them.

Market times:Thursdays from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at Veteran's Memorial Park.

Musical entertainment:

Sierra Vista Farmers Market Vendor Update for 2/2/2023 - - It's Groundhog Day! – Farmers markets in Sierra Vista (1)

BASA is a nonprofit, volunteer board of directors with one mission: “Promote local and sustainable food production, merchandising, and education in southern Arizona.


Updated vendor list and contact information

– – Grown supplier – –
Agricultural and production suppliers with the– – Grown supplier – –seal are known to grow at least 85% of the produce they sell.
– – Supplier broker – –
Agricultural and production suppliers with the– – Supplier broker – –selo does not grow most of the products they sell and have been known to buy most of their products from third parties.

Product and plant suppliers

Allred family mushrooms– – Grown supplier –

Oyster mushrooms and other varieties.

Gardening and cultivation in the backyard – – Grown supplier –

Grannie Smith apples, spinach, kale, cilantro and arugula.
Tangerines, tangerine quats, kumquats and lemons.
Local mesquite flour.

Pomar de Beatty– – Grown supplier –

Edith will be back in June 2023 with new apples and rhubarb.
520-378-2728 or 520-678-9443

rancho hunter

Echoing Hope Ranch –– grown supplier –
Various greens and herbs from your greenhouse.
Kale, chard, radish, lettuce, tomato, parsley, basil, dill and more.

citrus street

Citrus fruits grown at the table such as oranges, grapefruits, lemons and tangerines

Hortons Farm – – Grown supplier –

Mark and Jessica will NOT be at the market.
Sweet peppers, purple peppers, poblano and Anaheim peppers as well as jalapenos, carrots.
For more information, see one of the links:Facebook

Nat Hutchins – grown supplier –
Local and Asian plants. seasonal products. Fresh chicken eggs.

leaving Arizona– grown supplier –

Our mission at Ravina Arizona is to grow an abundance of high quality, great tasting food to share with our local community. Our microgreens are grown from organic seeds in nutrient-rich soil with clean water from our Sulfur Springs Valley well. We are currently growing sunflowers, broccoli, peas, radishes and mustard micro vegetables. Find out more about our farm atwww.ravinaarizona.comand order your microgreens by texting (520) 276-3997.

Ruth's chickens and garden– grown supplier –

Ruth and Ray will be back in Spring 2023.

SAS Z nuts– – Grown supplier –
Locally grown pistachios
For more information, see one of the links: Facebook

Garden by Sivonn – – Grown supplier –
Fresh seasonal vegetables such as mushrooms, lettuce mix, kale.
Find your food truck for lunch specials.

Gardens and Crafts of Tawin– – Grown supplier –

Seasonal garden plants and lemongrass

Meat, milk, egg and honey vendors

Golden rule for dairy products– – Grown supplier – –
Golden Rule Dairy Special: Your Own Chicken Eggs!
Fresh raw milk and your delicious muesli.
For more information, see one of the links:Website,Facebook
Instagram – golden_rule_dairy

L&B farm

Lisa and Burt will be back soon.

Papa Mikeit's jerky
Locally made jerky
For more information, see one of the links: Website Facebook

Rancho Rocky Creek

Duck, chicken and quail eggs

Farm Sao Isidro– – Grown supplier – -,
Jackie/Nathan will be at the market (first and third Thursday) with beef, lamb, pork, chicken, turkey and frozen patties.
For more information, see one of the links:Website,Facebook

Sky Island/Rancho 47– – Grown supplier – –

Beef and Navajo Lamb Churro.
All natural, no hormones, no antibiotics and no grains.
– Wild-caught sockeye salmon at Naknek Fisheries, Bristol Bay, Alaska.
– Smoked Bacon with Apple or Mesquite from Willcox Packing House (uncooked bacon, nitrite and nitrate free), pork chorizo ​​​​​​and pork sausage.
– Homemade Cowboy Peanut Butter (made with lightly roasted organic peanuts, with no added salt or sugar).

Canal do YouTube (ranching in the right hemisphere):

For more information, see one of the links: Facebook and YouTube

Simmons Honey Ranchito

Our many varieties of locally sourced honey will be available from one pound jars to one gallon jars.
520-364-2745, no text, no caller ID
520-368-2039 welcome text

Sockeye Whitecane-Lachs

Alaskan Sockeye Salmon, King Salmon, Halibut, Cod, Shrimp, Snow Crab, Bairdi Crab, Dungese Crab.

Vendors of baked goods and snacks

Copper Canyon-Projekte
New: Gluten-free breads on request.
Delicious truffles and sweet and savory breads.
Home accessories and tie-dye clothing.

Diane Hutchins
Sourdough bread, special order sourdough dishes (stable), pies, sticky breads, cookie and muffin mixes by the jar, Italian cheese bread, a selection of bread rolls and homemade baked goods with yeast (cookies, croutons, pizza crusts).

Ginny's eclectic kitchen

Gina will NOT be on the market.
Crumb cakes, oatmeal cookies, sourdough and other fun breads.
Instagram is @ginnyseclectickitchen

Jessica will be back in February.
Gluten free items - pretzels, bagels, muffins, cookies and homemade bread
Bagel Specialty - plain, cinnamon raisins, green and jalapeño peppers, and the all-bagel. My pretzel specialty is soft pretzel twists and soft pretzel bites.
Selection of muffins.

Louis Chapman

Homemade donuts and brownies and cookies.
Fresh Eggs.

Tolle Snacks

An amazing selection of snacks
For more information, see one of the links:Facebook

Katerina's - it's Grego Original
Fresh Greek pastries and ready meals
New: Artisan Greek Bread.

Baked goods like cinnamon rolls, tarts and nut bars. Fresh eggs, walnuts, beans (black, pinto, 9-bean mix), chicken and duck eggs.
Pistache SAS Z Nuts
Leave a message for Dona 520-220-3000

mystic food
Baked goods like quick breads, cinnamon muffins and seasonal cakes.

Susan's kitchen and garden
Everything organic and vegan
Fresh homemade donuts, cookies, tortillas, New York style bagels, savory tortillas.
Organic lettuce and radishes from my garden are coming soon.

sweet arizona
Locally produced toffee, brittle and fudge
For more information, see one of the links:Website,Facebook

Arizona Wild Gardens
The bread selection includes Na'an bread, green chilli and cheddar bread, 5-seed bread, honey oat bread and rye bread. Apple pie and strawberry rhubarb crisps are also on the menu. If you want something for yourself, text 520-508-2494. Look for Kathleen's baked goods at Tombstone Coffee at the north end of the market next to Sky Island Brand.

Provider of personal health and household products

Ahnenkräuter (Arizona Soap Company)
Handmade soap, lotion, balm, muscle massage, etc.
For more information, see one of the links:Website,Facebook

Chloe's creations
Handmade, all-natural soaps and lotions.

Soaps for all skin types, from dry to oily and sensitive. She only uses essential oils to scent her products (lavender, peppermint, cedarwood) with all-natural dyes.
No dyes, no fragrances, no phthalates, no sulfates, no parabens.
Discounted custom lots.

Nature's premium skincare
Aloe Vera Wundercreme

Supplier of ready meals and beverages

Big Woodys
Travis will NOT be on the market.
Hot Dog, Macaroni and Cheese, BBQ and Pulled Pork
You can find more information and the menu under one of the links:Facebook

bombastic sweets
Variety of cotton candy and new mix of hot chocolate and hot chocolate in the cup.
Fresh lemonade and Italian soft drinks.
New location on the south end next to Copper Canyon Designs.

Cultured coffee

Jessica and Jesse will NOT be at the market this week.
Whole beans or ground coffee per kilo.
Fresh coffee and hot drinks.
For more information, see one of the links:Website,Facebook

Kanone Tees

Cannonball Tea aims to provide our region with the best possible boba tea. We prepare only the finest ingredients available in small batches. We create unique flavors not available anywhere else, like Captain's Rum and local favorites like Horchata. If your drink isn't available, let us know and we'll provide you with your favorite drink.

Mad Coyote Concessions

Kettle Corn and Smoothies and NEW Shaved Ice, variety of flavors
For more information, see one of the links:Facebook


my donkey
Grilled burritos with fresh salsa for lunch.

Foul by KJ-Ranch
Locally grown organic pork for lunch dishes.
For more information, see one of the links:Facebook

lasagna and more
Full line of take n bakes, sauces, chef burritos, SW spice mix
For more information, see one of the links:Website,Facebook


spices and herbal mixtures.

Queen ceviche
Fresh salsa, ceviche, hand sanitizer and hibiscus syrup.
For more information, see one of the links:Facebook

Sivonn's Asian cuisine

Lo Mein, fried rice, steamed buns, egg rolls, spring rolls, glass noodles


New organic tea from Ceylon and Spiced Chai and London Fog, an Earl Gray tea with lavender, vanilla and frothed milk.
Specialty coffees, hot and cold everywhere.
Old Bisbee roasters or freshly ground beans in the market.
Baked goods from Kathleen's Wild Arizona Garden are also available.

pet food and pet supplies

Treats for blue collar dogs
All natural pet treats and snacks from Maria DeSoto


She Ranger

knife sharpening on the market.

artisan seller

Green stone ceramics and handicrafts
Ceramics, jewelry and handicrafts
For more information, see one of the links: Facebook

Bannuar trade and sporting goods

Handmade jewelry and cut horns for dogs to chew on

Bernie and Bill Medley
Paintings, custom frames and carpentry
Every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month.
For more information, see one of the links:

Doug und Patty Merril

Handmade wooden boxes, tables, hangers, benches, jewelry and wind chimes.

Artisans from the Rincon Valley

Ray & Diane will hit the market.

Juwelen aus Serra Vista
New batch of blue oak and mesquite pencils.
Cheris Faceplates.

Suzy Bingham
Framed paintings.

Tombstone pottery

Artisan Vendor (once a month)

New craftsmen:

Markante Maser (carpentry)
Thompson carpentry
Woodworking by Timothy Miele
Covil do Crowe
Rita's bells
Forge of the Desert Owl
Leathercraft and Knives by Daryl Mathewson

Weather forecast for this week

Weather in Sierra Vista

February 1, 2023 at 11:35 p.m

42 ° F

real feel: 34°F

current pressure: 30 inches

Humidity: 63%

Wind Speed: 11mph WSW

Wind gusts: 11 km/h

UV-Index: 0

Sunrise: 7:14 am

Sunset: 5:55 p.m

Forecast February 1, 2023


Intermittent Clouds

58 ° F

Wind speed: 7 mph S

Wind gusts: 16 km/h

max UV-Index: 4


mostly clear

32 ° F

Wind Speed: 7mph WNW

Wind gusts: 18 km/h

max UV-Index: 4

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