Ranking the 10 best Roberts to have appeared on the big screen, from De Niro to Pattinson (2023)

There are many talents with the first name Robert who have made film history. It may only be the 80th most popular name today, but it was from 1924 to 1939.was the most popular boy's namein the United States (and remained incredibly popular through the 1950s and beyond). With that in mind, Roberts' sheer volume in Hollywood might not be all that surprising.

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As for directors named Robert, there areZemeckis,Altmann,Owner, yWeise, to name a few. However, when it comes to actors, there seems to be more Roberts out there. To celebrate some of the most notable Roberts in acting history, here are 10 notable actors who share him as a first name.

robert de niro

Ranking the 10 best Roberts to have appeared on the big screen, from De Niro to Pattinson (1)

It's hard to imagine what American cinema would have been like over the last 50 years without the participation ofrobert de niro. Having acted in well-known films since the early 1970s, he has seemingly never failed as an actor, and many of his best roles come from classicCollaboration with director Martin Scorsese.

Picking a favorite Robert might be like picking a favorite kid, but at the same time... maybe it's De Niro? Beyond Scorsese's movies, he's been in movies likeonce upon a time in america,Brazil,The Godfather Part II,heat, and even much lighter films, such asmeet the parents. Whether playing a lead or a supporting role, De Niro always gives his best, and his reputation as one of the greatest actors of all time is well deserved.

Robert Duval

Ranking the 10 best Roberts to have appeared on the big screen, from De Niro to Pattinson (2)

who de niroRobert Duval it's another robert who isSeen in the Godfather movies. In any case, neither made their debut in the iconic trilogy, but both have gained popularity along the way, with oneoscarVictoria for the solo performance of De Niro and Duvall is nominated for his portrayal of Tom Hagen in the first film.

However, it's far from Duvall's only major role. It also had a memorable twist.apocalypse now, who makes quite an impression despite only appearing in a handful of relatively short scenes in a long film. He remained active in the film world well into his 80s, earning an Oscar nomination in 2014.Judge, and gave a great performance within the cast of 2018widows.

Robert Downey jr.

It probably goes without saying, but yes, for many people,Robert Downey jr.essentially isIron Man. He made the role his own and played Tony Stark/Iron Man for over 10 years, starring in three solo films and starring in all four.avenger Movies and minor (but enjoyable) appearances in movies likeSpider-Man: Far From Homeit is includedThe incredible Hulk.

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However, it's worth noting that it's not just Tony Stark, and given what happened to the character in the end.Avengers Endgame, we may have seen the last of Stark. he was there tooNatural Born Killers, the hilarious and underratedKiss kiss Bang Bang, and I go infantastic performance in the 1992 Charlie Chaplin biopic, titled simplyChaplin.

roberto logia

Ranking the 10 best Roberts to have appeared on the big screen, from De Niro to Pattinson (4)

roberto logiaHe may not be a household name, but he has a very memorable screen presence and chances are you've seen him in something before. Interestingly, while he often plays tough guys (often in crime movies), his most famous movie role might be in the 1988 comedy.Grande(conTom Hanks).

He also had a recurring role as Feech on La Manna.The sopranosduring the show's fifth season and on the gangster theme, also seen in the 1983sScarface.With 233 roles (mostly supporting)both on TV and in movies throughout his career, there are too many others to list here.

Roberto Patrick

Ranking the 10 best Roberts to have appeared on the big screen, from De Niro to Pattinson (5)

To play the villainterminator 2- probably one ofThe best action movies of all time.-Roberto Patrickhe has earned his place among other Roberts notables in the acting world. He is a menacing antagonist and a force to be reckoned with.james camerons1991 classic, even if you compete against itArnold Schwarzenegger, who is significantly taller and more imposing than Patrick.

She's otherwise had a solid career, appearing on The Sopranos,X-files, and the youngestpacifier, just to name a few programs. Still, it's hard not to see him as the villain of the second Terminator movie, but considering this movie is so good, maybe that's not the worst thing in the world.

Roberto Forster

Ranking the 10 best Roberts to have appeared on the big screen, from De Niro to Pattinson (6)

Roberto Forster He had a long career in Hollywood and established himself as a consistently reliable character actor since the late 1960s. His presence has always enriched the film in which he starred, and his career even managed to take a second wind with 1997.jackie brown, in which Forster received an Oscar nomination.

One of his last roles was as the mysterious and professional Ed.Breaking Bad, where she made quite an impression despite only appearing in one of the final episodes of the final season. She reprized the role for the sequel film.The way, which was finally publishedthe day forster died.

Roberto Redford

Ranking the 10 best Roberts to have appeared on the big screen, from De Niro to Pattinson (7)

for several decadesRoberto RedfordArguably, he was one of the biggest stars in Hollywood. While she continued to act into the 21st century, she was likely at her peak in the 1960s, 1970s and 1980s and was celebrated by many for her screen presence, charisma, and famously good looks. she.

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He made some of his most famous movies with other superstars.Paul Neumann(Butch Cassidy y Sundance Kidythe spine). She's slowed down from acting roles in the 2010s, but she's still been in a decent number of high-profile movies, includingCaptain America: The Winter Soldier,Everything is lost, yThe old man and the gun.

Roberto Wagner

Ranking the 10 best Roberts to have appeared on the big screen, from De Niro to Pattinson (8)

Roberto Wagneris another Robert who has been at this point for many decades. His earliest work dates back to the early 1950s and he has appeared in a variety of films, from comedy to romance to war movies. He is also known to be married tonatalie maderain high-profile marriages from 1957 to 1962 and then from 1972 until his death in 1981.

These days, he is perhaps best known for playing like the number two in the world.Austin PowersTrilogy. It's not a leading role by any means, but it makes it work and adds another eccentric character to the wild world being built in these spoof movies.

Roberto Vaughn

Ranking the 10 best Roberts to have appeared on the big screen, from De Niro to Pattinson (9)

Roberto VaughnHe didn't seem to land many leading roles during his long movie career, but he had plenty of notable supporting roles and was endlessly reliable in smaller roles. One of the most notable roles of hers was being one of the Grand Seventhe seven of glory, and in the end it waslast surviving member of the main cast, passed away in 2016.

also appearedsuperman iii, to be represented in; characterized insteve mcqueensiconicBullitt, and was part of the great ensemble casts in bothThe ten Commandmentsythe mighty hell. She may have rarely stolen the spotlight, but she's always been a power fixture in every major cast she's starred in.

robert pattinson

Ranking the 10 best Roberts to have appeared on the big screen, from De Niro to Pattinson (10)

robert pattinson he stands out from the other famous Roberts actors in that he is significantly younger. He's still 30 years old, but he's already racked up a host of iconic roles. And yes, even if thedarknessThe movies aren't great, his role in them is memorable, and ultimately the series is a big reason he became a popular actor in the first place.

Of course, the most exciting were her roles after 2012. She surprised a lot of people in them.Good weather, because it was so good, andThe lighthousecame a few years later and cast her in an equally iconic role. In the 2020s she starred inbeginningyahi batmanAnd really, the sky is the limit for Pattinson at this point in his already remarkable career.

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