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dra Adrienne Reviere and Dra. Evan Tatford

A visit to the dentist begins at just one year of age, and choosing the right dentist for your child can be quite a task. That's why we want to personally introduce Dr. Reviere and Dr. Tatford withRoots Pediatric Dentistry. They love what they do and take the time to make each child comfortable with their processes. And what better time to make this introduction than National Children's Oral Health Month? Read on for more information and at the end click on the image to visit the site and make an appointment.

1 - What are their names? What is the name of your company?

dra Adrienne Reviere (Adrienne Reviere, DDS, MSD

dr. Evan Tatford (Evan Tatford, DDS, MDS)

Roots Pediatric Dentistry

2 - Any interesting information about how you named your company?

dr territories- When creating a name for the practice, I wanted something unique that would tell a story. Just as strong roots are the foundation for everything to grow, I believe the same is true for building the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health for our growing children. Our goal is for children and their families to plant their "roots" with us in a safe and nurturing environment where their children can grow and thrive without fear of the dentist. Visiting the dentist early (the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry recommends that a child's first dental visit be on her first tooth or her first birthday, whichever comes first) helps establish this solid foundation. Our goal is to cultivate healthy smiles from childhood through adolescence and beyond!

3 - How long has your practice been in the market? (feel free to provide acquisition/expansion details in this section)

While the name Roots Pediatric Dentistry may be new, the practice has been in existence for more than 40 years. John Hendry, physician, founded Dr. John Hendry & Associates in 1980 and has spent decades serving the children of the Acadiana area. Reviere took over the practice in 2022 and changed the name to Roots Pediatric Dentistry, and Dr. One of our favorite things about the practice is that we are now treating some of the children (and even grandchildren!) of the Dr. Enrique.We continue to strive to provide the best pediatric dental care for children in South Louisiana.

4 - What inspired/encouraged you to start your business?

dr territories-My dad and grandfather were small business owners, so having my own practice is something I have aspired to since childhood. I am very lucky to be able to continue with Dr. Enrique.

dr. Tatford -Let's face it, few people really enjoy going to the dentist. This is usually due to an unpleasant dental experience at some point in your life, most often a traumatic experience as a child. We have the ability to introduce the profession of dentistry to children in a warm and welcoming way. This has been the main inspiration for choosing pediatric dentistry.

5 - What do you love about your profession?

dr districts -Pediatric dentistry is FUN! Every day is exciting and presents a new challenge. I love interacting with patients and their families and watching them grow over the years. One of my favorite things is watching a patient overcome his fear and gain self-confidence as he discovers that going to the dentist can be fun and easy.

dr. Tatford -To see the joy and excitement on a child's face after a positive experience at the dentist! The dentist's office doesn't have to be a scary or traumatizing place. We love making going to the dentist a fun experience! Not to mention our office staff is absolutely amazing! Everyone at Roots Pediatric Dentistry is so positive and wonderful!

6 - And the job you love has surprised you over the years?

dr districts -While this is not surprising, one of the things I love most about my job is the relationships I build with patients and their families over time. Unlike other medical specialists where you only have to see once to treat a specific problem, we typically see our patients twice a year so we can stay connected and in the know about what's going on in their lives.

dr. Tatford -There haven't been many surprises yet. Pediatric dentistry is such a rewarding career that it's actually enjoyable.

7 - Tell us a little about your family life.

dr districts -My husband, Chance, and I have an 8-year-old son, Thomas, and a golden retriever, Lucy. We also have many nieces and nephews who we enjoy spending time with. Chance is a high school baseball coach, so spring for us is full of road trips and stadiums!

dr. Tatford -I met my wife, Maddi, during our first year of university in 2011. We have been married for 6 years and have two beautiful daughters, Anna-Kate (4.5 years old) and Mimi (13 months).

8-What does your family like to do for family fun?

dr districts -We love spending time outdoors. Whether traveling across the country exploring national parks or playing baseball in the backyard, we like to be active.

dr. Tatford -We love taking walks around our neighborhood, exploring Moncus Park, and enjoying Meche's donuts or Borden's ice cream!

9 - What do you do to take care of yourself and how do you find time for it?

dr districts -Self-care for me is sometimes as simple as taking a walk around the neighborhood or spending a few minutes alone outside to relax after a busy and chaotic day. I also enjoy volunteering; sometimes the best way to take care of yourself is to take care of others. I am an active member of the Lafayette Junior League and have enjoyed being involved in the community and the many wonderful friendships I have gained through being a part of the League.

dr. Tatford -As a pediatric dentist and father of two girls, I don't have a lot of free time during the day, but I do try to make time to exercise, usually early in the morning before the rest of the family wakes up. Another outlet that I like is cooking. Whether I'm feeding an army or a fussy daughter, I enjoy my time in the kitchen.

10 - What can we do to support you in the community?

dr districts -One of the most important things I want people in the community to know is that dental disease is almost 100% preventable! When you visit the dentist on your child's first birthday or first tooth, you're helping to lay the foundation for keeping your child cavity-free for a lifetime.

dr. Tatford -Defender of Pediatric Dentistry! Many people are unaware that as pediatric dentists we go through additional training to better treat your children. At Roots Pediatric Dentistry, we want to see your children grow with us!

11 - What is your favorite place to walk in the city?

dr districts -We love Moncus Park. Whether it's the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings or one of their many festive events like Autumn in the Oaks or Christmas in the Park, there are so many amazing activities to get the family involved in. safe outdoor space to enjoy in the heart of Lafayette.

dr. Tatford -When we're with the kids, you'll often find us at Moncus Park. If it's not there, we try to support Ragin Cajun athletics whenever possible. Whether it's at Cajun Field or sitting on the first base line at Tigue Moore Field, you can always find us wearing Ragin Cajun Red!

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